Diamant Soft & Crispy Jacuzzi

TV-commercial for frying-fat market leader Diamant. The inspiration came from Diamant's real essence: the product characteristics of Diamant frying fats: a crispy exterior and a soft interior... of any snack. These two instrumental benefits were brought to life and obtained emotional values. The 2 brand mascots, Soft & Crispy were born. They play the main role on television in which the bubbling frying pan became Soft & Crispy's private Jacuzzi. NOTE: This was my last project at Fitzroy before leaving to KOKORO Amsterdam, and unfortunately I could not finish it. Therefore, I can only take credits for the concept, the initial script and the art direction of the characters during the pre-production phase. From there, the project was taken over by Fitzroy.

TVC (20 sec)
Tag-on (5 sec)
Full credits list:  

Agency: Fitzroy Amsterdam
Client: Vandemoortele
Product: Diamant
Creative Director: Jur Baart
Creatives: Merlijn van Vliet, Wouter Vanhaeren, Roen Roomberg, Gert van der Kaay, Youri van Overdijk, Jur Baart
Producer: Joris Knetsch
Production + Post production company: Glassworks Amsterdam
Director: Morten Vinther Producer: Jony van Hees
Animation director: Dan Hope
3D artists: Dan Hope & Thomas Hinke
Flame lead: Morten Vinther
Grading: Scott Harris
Post production producer: Jane Bakx
Editor: Will Judge
Music: The Sound Works
Composer: Craig Brown
Sound: Kaiser
Sound Studio's
Sound technician: Marco Baay

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