I doubt, therefore I read Trouw.

'When in doubt, choose Trouw’ is KOKORO Amsterdam's debut advertising campaign for Dutch newspaper Trouw. The campaign is pushed on Dutch TV, radio, print and online media. “People know Trouw. They value Trouw. But they do not recognise themselves in the brand. And when you don’t recognise yourself in a brand, there is no reason for you to choose it.” As says Rik Heijmen, KOKORO Strategy Director. This campaign is designed to connect the hearts of people to the heart of Trouw. The creative concept focuses on ‘doubt’. Merlijn van Vliet, KOKORO Creative Director (Copy), explains: “Where some may find 'Doubt' to be a weakness, we particularly consider it to be a strength. And of course, it is completely in line with the pay-off the newspaper has used for years: “Perhaps the best newspaper of the Netherlands”. The campaign consists of a brand cetric TV commercial and a sales offer. The TV commercial is set at the nightly Trouw news room and features actual Trouw editors. Even chief editor Willem Schoones plays a part in the film. “The editors epitomise the value of Trouw. By showing them and their vulnerability, while showing doubt as a strength, people will recognise themselves in the Trouw editors. Not in the persons as such, but in their joint search for truth and meaning,” says Wouter Vanhaeren, KOKORO Creative Director (Art). Marketing Director Erik Roddenhof: “I have never seen a dumbfounded editing room after seeing an advertising proposal. The silence was only broken by the remark: “Don’t change a single thing”. KOKORO made a strong impression. Our expectations are quite high”.

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