SP!TS Bring on the day!

Cross medial campaign for SP!TS, one of the two biggest free newspapers in Holland. The campaign was kicked of in September 2013 and visible on TV, print and radio. THE PROBLEM: After merging Metro and SP!TS, there was a need to differentiate the two newspapers from each other. Metro is the serious newspaper of the TMG group. SP!TS is more energetic and positive, with extra focus on sports and entertainment. STRATEGY: News is what it is… But SP!TS stands out for their positive attitude while bringing their news. And if you start your day in a positive way - with SP!TS - you'll benefit from that throughout the entire day.   THE CONCEPT: "Bring on the day!" A catchy phrase for a positive campaign. "Bring on the day!" is a mentality. An urge to view the world in a positive way, even when things don't work out as they should have. The TV commercial shows us that every downside has it's upside as well.. The commercial is a playful animation film with a catchy tune, custom made by Lucky Fonz III for this campaign. Animation and illustration are done by John Beckers (www.john-beckers.nl)


Publisher: Cees Polman

Brand Manager: Sigrid Pronk

KOKORO Amsterdam 

Concept: KOKORO Amsterdam

Strategy: Rik Heijmen

Art: Wouter Vanhaeren

Copy: Merlijn van Vliet

Design: Kevin Gozems
Producer: Valery Story


Animation & Illustration: John Beckers

Music: Lucky Fonz III (& band) 

Audio: Big Orange

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