The campaign:
vanAnaarBeter (an initiative of the Ministry of Infrastructure & Water Management) is committed to better mobility in the Netherlands - a precondition for a functioning society and economy. No easy task in a pre-corona era. Traffic jams and crowded public transport were the order of the day. 
When COVID-19 hit our society, working from home became the norm. The crowds disappeared like snow in the sun. Less travel = better mobility.  What if we could keep it that way after corona?
Working from home has proven itself in recent times. The work is done, with a better work/life balance due to less travel time. That time can be used for other things; exercising, cooking or walking the dog. But we also missed the office; catch up with colleagues at the coffee machine, or have a conversation with your manager. 
What if we combine the two? We call this hybrid work. Sometimes at home, sometimes at the office. A win-win situation!
To spread this message in the Netherlands, we introduced the cross-media campaign: 'Hybrid working is win-win. What do you gain with it?' 
The campaign was rolled out across TV, radio, social, display and native advertising. We also set up a campaign page with in-depth content, such as testimonials and tips.

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