For Statiegeld Nederland, I developed a new campaign to announce that as of April 1, 2023, there will be a deposit on cans. In addition to informing about the 15-cent deposit, there is an important behavioral component: we want to motivate people to return their cans. The return process is the same as for large and small plastic bottles: through supermarkets. The main benefits are reducing litter and reusing valuable materials.
The Campaign and Approach
The target audience we address in our communications is 18+ because we also deal with alcoholic beverages. We choose to emphasize the existing return system in our communication: Just return them along with your plastic deposit bottles. And, of course, emphasize the way: empty, undamaged, and with the deposit logo.
Our previous campaign for the introduction of a deposit on small PET bottles was very successful: 94% of the Dutch population now knows that there is a deposit on plastic bottles. With this follow-up campaign, we hope to achieve the same result as soon as possible for the deposit on cans.
We reach the target audience through TV, radio, online videos, DOOH (in city centers, train stations, and gas stations), social media, and more. Various other involved parties are using resources to reach an even larger audience (such as cinemas, sports clubs, supermarkets).

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