Short ride? That's easily done by bike!
The government wants more people to take the bicycle for short rides, for example, to the bakery, work, or college. One of the specific goals is to increase cycling by 20% in 2027 compared to 2017. Another goal is to have the number of people cycling to work increase by 100,000 by early 2025 compared to early 2022. To make that possible, the government is investing in better cycling facilities together with provinces and municipalities.
Half of all car trips are shorter than 7.5 kilometers, and a third are shorter than 5 kilometers. Behavioral research by the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management shows that nearly 7 out of 10 frequent car users would like to cycle more for short trips. Targeted communication, highlighting people's motivations such as health, environment, and money, can help with that.
That is precisely the goal of the campaign: to increase awareness and positively encourage people to choose the bicycle more often for short rides. It's good for your body, your wallet, and the environment. Behavior change doesn't happen overnight, so the decision was made to run the campaign for 3 years.
There was still a lot to be gained because whether it's to work, the bakery, or college, the distance is easily bikeable for many. Because for those short rides, taking the bike is just as easy.
We convey this with the campaign: "Short ride? That's easily done by bike!"
The campaign was launched in Maastricht by State Secretary Vivianne Heijnen and Minister Mark Harbers during a PR activation.
We developed 3 TV commercials for the campaign: the bakery, work, and college. These locations appeal to different target groups. On the radio, there is a catchy song that embeds the norm in your head like an earworm. Various digital resources have also been developed, and (D)OOH has been used.

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