Mitsubishi On Your Mark

Win a new Mitsubishi delivered ON YOUR MARK! We asked people to mark a landing zone in their country of residence on, using a digital map. After leaving their personal data and e-mail address they were already in a competition to win an all-new Mitsubishi. By uploading a photo or video, people had the chance to win extra prizes for most creative mark. The campaign was rolled out in 12 European countries. The Mitsubishi On Your Mark campaign was closed with a grand finale. It ended with a one pan-European delivery event across Europe. We delivered 34 cars on different locations in Europe. Helicopters circled above the European countries to drop a brand new car. Trucks with new Mitsubishi's drove across the continent. People could follow the event live via the website. The lucky ones received their new Mitsubishi right on their mark! On the picture above you can see the delivery of a Lancer Sportback on the mark of a Dutch winner.

On Your Mark campaign mashup
Case study On Your Mark campaign
Viral Video On Your Mark
We also developed a crazy interactive Japanese game show, extremely sponsored by Mitsubishi Motors Europe. This interactive game was the 'viral motor' of the On Your Mark campaign. 

We created this campaign to promote the Mitsubishi Lancer Sportback and the new Mitsubishi Colt across Europe. The game show has a spectacular online gaming experience with two games to participate in. The Lancer Loop and the Colt Curling!
Viral video for the On Your Mark Japanese Gameshow - Colt Curling
Viral video for the On Your Mark Japanese Gameshow - Lancer Looping
Viral video for the On Your Mark Japanese Gameshow - Lancer Looping goes wrong
The making off the On Your Mark Japanese Gameshow

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