Bacardi Oakheart - Trailer Studio

Create a legendary, epic movie trailer with the Oakheart Trailer Studio. We created this Facebook campaign to introduce Bacardi Oakheart in The Netherlands and Belgium. This epic Facebook application turns your most legendary party pics into a spectacular movie trailer. In a few simple steps, people can select their most legendary party pics, their most legendary friends and their favorite movie trailer style. The application then processes all this personal data and turns it into a personal, epic movie trailer using state of the art technology such as motion tracking and dynamic flash 3D rendering. The result can be shared with your friends to show how legendary your nightlife is. To launch Bacardi Oakheart we created the campaign theme "Fight the Ordinary, Make it Legendary!" This campaign theme is based on the insight that a night out only turns legendary when you break with habits and do unexpected things. Besides this Facebook app, we created a commercial tag-on, online advertising and In-store communication.

Trailer Studio - Application Screendump
Trailer Studio - Screenshots

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